The Rexy Review

The Exo Rexy is one of the latest exciting additions to the Exo Kayaks range. The Rexy joins it’s older siblings, the T-Rex L and T-Rex S as another part of the family. The Rexy has taken inspiration from the designs of the other two boats to create an awesome river-play machine.

The Rexy boasts speed, agility and playfulness yet is still very stable when needed. At just over 8 and a half feet the Rexy is similar in length to some of the other boats from different manufacturers in it’s class. This length creates a whole lot of speed that is shown straight from the go. The Rexy easily maintains speed when moving downriver by tracking very well, tackling boofs and punching holes easily with it’s decent amount of rocker and bow design.

When eddy hopping the Rexy snaps around very nicely and turns on a sixpence without having to adjust your body position in the boat too much. This makes it a dream for taking more creative and fun lines down your favourite rapids whilst still providing the confidence that you aren’t going to catch a surprising edge. The Rexy combines stability and playfulness very well. When you want to go for those stern dips or more vertical “tailees” it will do so. However, if you want to remain a little cautious on the way in or out of a more challenging eddy the Rexy will handle more like a creekboat and inspire confidence by not catching an edge or getting caught on the stern.

The Rexy’s first few outings with me on the white water course in Nottingham, the Upper Tryweryn and the Dee were excellent. For these two Welsh rivers and other of a similar style I would pick the Rexy every time. I loved how much it promoted choice, if I wanted an easy ride I could have it or if I wanted to spice things up the same. It really made the same old runs that bit more fun and I can’t wait to get back out in it when more water arrives and the real classics are up! Demo’s are available at the National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham. Other demo’s may also possibly be arranged, contact for enquiries.

The EXO Rexy, available for order now with Flow Kayaks!



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