European Open 2018

The first weekend of September saw this years European Open at the white water course in Nottingham (HPP). The event was a big step up from 2017’s event with more events, more competitors and more support.

The Saturday was the day of the Freestyle, heats were on for the majority of the day with the Novice competition in the Fairy Wave and the Intermediate and Expert competition in Troll Hole. This was a great set-up as spectators could watch both events going on at once meaning there was a great crowd. There was also a DJ playing through the weekend providing a great track selection for paddlers to throw down to. As well as the DJ, there were also many trade stands for people to browse the latest products from manufacturers and try the latest demos.

The Freestyle event was wrapped up with the evening finals in Troll Hole, with the top 5 paddlers from both intermediate and expert categories taking a place. The finals were very close and exciting to watch with some awesome rides being put down and Flow Kayaks owner Jake even managed to secure himself 3rd place in the Senior Men’s event too!



1st – Gav Barker – 980.00

2nd – Charlie Brackpool – 497.50

3rd – Jake Boswell – 487.50


1st – Islay Crosbie

2nd – Jen McGaley

3rd – Emma Witherford

Junior Men’s:

1st – Alex Walters

2nd – Matt Stephenson

3rd – Harry Price

Junior Women’s:

1st – Ottilie Robinson-Shaw

2nd – Charlee Aldred

3rd – Abi Goddard

C1 Mixed:

1st – Adam Ramadan

2nd – Matt Stephenson

3rd – Harry Price

After a party hosted by River Legacy in the field just next to Desperate Measures the next day saw some Boater X action with lots of chaos on the whitewater! The Boater X ran through most of the day on Sunday with a few breaks for the downriver inflatable race and the hugely entertaining Inflatable Freestyle!

Joel impressed the judges with his skills with his inflatable to win himself a Peak U.K./ Flow Kayaks Custom B/A!

Overall it was a great weekend with amazing weather, good vibes on and off the water and very well organised. Thank you to James Ibbotson for putting on a fantastic event! We look forward to the next!

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